From exclusive country hotels to cozy Bed and Breakfasts –

we will find the right accommodation for you.

Would you like to live in the village center exploring restaurants and markets in the evening? Or would you rather be secluded in the countryside surrounded by Sardinian nature?

We know the local accommodations and guarantee an uncomplicated arrival. You will be welcomed by us and the host and we will make sure that nothing is missing.


Agriturismo and Country Hotels

Hotels, which are famous for being located in the countryside and for producing their own foods. Most of these hotels called agriturismo are very well equiped and have a similar service as a hotel.


Bed and Breakfast

The best possibility to be flexible. You can test different restaurants and follow the wind in an instant. That´s why the BnB´s are inclusive in our package windchaser.


Private Appartments

In our partner regions in Sardinia you can book fully equipped apartments. Perfect for families or groups who want to cook for themselves.

Sardinia, an extraordinary island

Sardinia is located off the westcoast of Italy, right under the french island Corsica, and she is an autonomous region of the italian state.

Apart from speaking italian, the sardinian habitants also nourish their own sardinian language.

The Island provides a natural habitat for numerous plants and animal species. It offers a versitile landscape with long sandy beaches and steep mountain areas. Sardinian beaches are similar to the Caribbean, due to its white sands and turquoise watercolours. Even in springtime or autumn it is possible to practice watersports because of the mild temperatures of the mediterranean sea.

Heritage and tradition are very important for the Sardinians, which they proudly present at local village festivals and traditional parties.

Grilled pork and homemade pasta are typical examples for the local food culture. Apart from the traditional meat dishes also fish is becoming more important throughout the islands kitchen.

Sardinian wine counts as one of the worlds finest. It is known that the Sardinians are growing particularily old due to Cannunao, Vermentino and other local wines, which make part of the daily life on the island.

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