We give you the possibility to test this sport, learn it from scratch or improve your current level.

Safely and with the latest equipement. Therefore our instructors are specially trained and have many years of experience. The perfect beaches, the right wind and the best conditions for your level? We know where, and take you there.

Learn how to kitesurf with Funsport Sardinia

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We will guide you to the most beautiful paths with stunning sea view and show you the heart of Sardinia from the perspective of their habitants.

The region Baronia, with its numerous national parks and riverbeds was named UNESCO world heritage. Either easy trekking tours which are easily doable with kids, or the first climbing experiences- we adjust speed and level to your group. From september to november and  april to june, temperatures are rarely rising above 25 degrees celsius (77 fahrenheit), which makes trekking much easier. This allows you to enjoy the wonderful view. We take care of refreshments.


On the river of Posada we guide you through the fields until arriving at the sea passing big lagunes.

The sweet water of the mountains mixes with the salty sea. Our kayaks are "Sit on Tops" which means they are open on top which makes getting out or in a lot easier. If you like you can also give it a try in the little waves in the sea. Our tours take more or less two hours, no experience is required.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board)

The SUP can be used in flat water up until big waves.

First we will practice a little in the flat river so you are fit to join our rivertour through the UNESCO park or even try your first wave experiences. Belly, thighs and bottom, shoulders and arms are all being trained equally during practicing SUP-therefore it is known as one of the healthiest sports. It is very soft on your knees but a hundred per cent fun and the best way to start getting to know the world of surfing.


Our biking trips are doable for beginners or advanced bikers.

Who preferes something more extreme, is welcome to ask in advance. We are usually riding with all round bikes- over field paths and through pine woods, along the sea and over small hills. 


A watersport with a great learning curve.

Catching the wind, riding and turning-you mostely achieve this after the first few hours. Try it with your friends or the whole family. You will advance rapidly and you don´t have to be very strong to have fun with your first windsurfing try outs.
Our windsurfing teachers are certified and also have experience with kids and complete beginners.

Other exciting activities in Sardinia

What about diving, canyoning or horseback riding? Also a lot of other types of sport we can organize for you within the area.

Either joining exciting dives when already experienced or participating in a diving course for beginners, there is a lot to discover under water. Canyoning is famous in the area of San Teodoro. A versitile mixture between going down waterfalls and trekking in between rocks and natural pools in a mystic environment. To get to know the flora and fauna of Sardinia in its traditional way, we reccomend to go horse riding in the backcountry.

All the extra activities can easily be booked at the destination. Just ask your travel guide!

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