For beginners and advanced kiters


Kitesurf courses in Sardinia

Learn how to kitesurf with certified instructors and the latest equipment. Safety comes first with Funsport Sardinia.

One lesson (2 hrs) includes:

  • 2 hours training
  • max. 2 students per teacher
  • Boat assistance (learning how to kitesurf, avoiding the crowded beach)
  • radio contact with the teacher
  • complete equipment

We teach in the following languages: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Dutch

Our lessons take mainly place in La Caletta, Posada and Santa Lucia on the east coast of Sardinia.

Windchaser: Our offer for the low season
(April - May / October - November)

Kitesurf holiday packages


Book a kitesurf holiday

You want to book your kitesurf holiday? We will find the perfect accommodation and the course which suits you best!

for example complete kite course for 2 people and accommodation:

  • BnB from 569 € p.p.
    (overnight stay and breakfast)
  • apartments from 775 € p.p.
    (overnight stay in fully equipped apartment)
  • central hotel from 850 € p.p.
    (overnight stay with breakfast and hotel service)
  • country hotel from 895 € p.p.
    (overnight stay in quiet apartment with pool)

Learn how to kitesurf in Sardinia

Our courses


Complete kite course

You have never been kitesurfing and want to learn it from scratch?
Our complete course doesn´t require any previous experience and you get the full knowledge including all equipment.

The course includes:

  • kite-control
  • body dragging
    (“sailing” with the kite, without board in all directions)
  • safety systems and their use
  • waterstart with the board
  • riding

Basic kite course

Would you like to try this sport, but you are not yet sure that it is the right thing for you?
What is kitesurfing all about? This basic course answers your questions and gives you the most important basic knowledge around kitesurfing.

The course includes:

  • kite-control
  • body dragging
    (“sailing” with the kite, without board in all directions)
  • safety systems and their use
  • waterstart with the board

Refresh course

Did you already participate in a kitesurf course and would you like to really get into riding?
The refresh course is for those who already did a few waterstarts or minimum bodydragging.

The course includes:

  • short refresh of the last achieved level
  • waterstart and controlled riding
  • body position and board control

Advanced courses

You already know how to ride upwind and would like to learn something new? In one lesson (2 hrs) you can learn your first jumps, improve your technic or learn a special (even unhooked) trick.

Hydrofoil Kiting is a new challenge which we invite all advanced riders to try out.


Renting equipment

We can only offer rentals to kitesurfers who have a certification which states that you can go safely upwind and change direction.

If you don´t have a certification, we recommend taking first an advanced lesson and start after with the rental.

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What is required for taking a course?

Almost everybody can learn how to kite.

You only have to be able to swim (min. 10 minutes in deep water). Kitesurfing is a technical sport which doesn´t require a lot of strength. Therefore this funsport is accessible for everybody.

Our experienced teachers are certified by the VDWS (Association of German Watersport Schools) and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization.

Boat assistance

Learning how to kitesurf with a boat has many advantages:
  • maximum safety (no ground contact, therefore minimum risk of injuries)
  • a lot of space for practicing
  • no walking back (you don´t have to be very sporty to learn in this way)
  • a lot of water time with the kite
  • no obstacles or hazards in the water because we are teaching in distance to any bathing zone

Sponsored by:

VDWS    IKO    Ozone    Shinn    Coni    MSP    Mystic    Youloveit